Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is open to the public on ClickBank. Our ClickBank ID is 'realguys'

If you are a ClickBank affiliate already, please click here to get your affiliate link.

If you need to sign up, please click here.

You will be paid 50% commission on the initial sale, plus 30% on the monthly recurring billing for the coaching club.

This is the perfect program to promote on the back end of your business.

You can build up a residual income stream WITHOUT having to run your own coaching program.

Please consider adding a link to our coaching program on your thank-you pages, and add a promo to your email autoresponder for all your new subscribers.

This way you'll be feeding a steady flow of new members into our program, and you'll be building your income stream on autopilot without doing any additional work.

We'll be working very hard to overdeliver to our members, so they'll want to stay in the club for a long time. Each member could be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars of commission for you.

Thanks for your partnership.

Eric, Jeff, and Paul

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